Saturday, June 13, 2009

J+K <3 message left for me in the forest ..x

Its saturday morning and I am slowly finding my way around this new space :) i slept late today 840 am ^^ normally im awake at 6 am ... Living in the mountains I try get as much light as possible becaue the winter here will be long , dark and snowy :).... We moved here just two months ago and its been the most exciting new adventure and the hardest time of my life too , two weeks after my move my mother died ... I felt very high above the procedings that followed watching from aboe somewhere , just an observer ... slowly I am float back to earth , i felt i travelled a lil of the way with my Mum on her big journey away from us... you are never quite the same afterwards and it feels hard to explain exactly what has happen but I am a different woman now, now I really am a parent myself. the strange and wonderful thing is it feels as if my Mum waited untill i was safely settled in my new life before leaving to finally be with my Dad who she shared all her life with untill he died when my son was 6 months old ! the old saying comes in to play very much here in my story , when one door closes another one opens... Its been two months now approx although i dont count the days , I am blessed to be in one of the most beautiful places in the world The Garden of Ireland :) Loved and respected very much by my partner John and my lil boy Cade x :) I hope you will enjoy my new journey into my 40,s he he ! Ive had a wonderful life , which ahs lead me down many roads some not so wonderful ha ha but always colourful , looking through the eyes of an artist and a free spirit. Namaste to you all , it is a good day to be alive x Karen x

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