Thursday, June 18, 2009

WHO IS KITTIBEE ? @@ =^,,^=


Such inspiration last days ^^ I love being a blogger @@ ! its official :)

when I started I used my avatar name Kittibee ! you see for the last two years approx I have been living in and creating a virtual space in Secondlife ... !!!!
I am no longer in virtual worlds , Im happily back in the real world !!! phewww he he ...
A wonderful journey and a learning experience ! writing scripts , using applied maths, and physics ^^ yeash I love numbers and codes I have them for breakfast GMT, PDT time , or any time zone for that matter yikes .... Now days I have a much different clock , Im in bed by 11 and up at 6 or 7 ! Depending on my partners work ^^ I like to make his lunch yay ! <3
Son is up at 7.15 ! and on school bus at 8 .... mum free till 3 :))
Kitti was a mermaid in secondlife living underwater mostly ;)
Now I scuba dive with my partner John ! who has for the last 6 years been a firefighter <3>
In January he left the fireservice, to enable us a life together and we moved in april to the mountains :) of course he is still a rescue diver this is a voluntary service and thankfully not a constant demand on him ... and now we dive together for fun :) Truk lagoon next year wooot !
Day to day he has his own company , Heating and plumbing ! and he is good at it all ! including loving me ! I feel blessed to be with this wonderful person , who still carries a rescue kit in his jeep in case he meets an RTA (road traffic accident) , for all those who drink and drive , someone has to cut them out ! Please dont drink and drive x....
Okie he has just come through the dooor ... grubs up <3>
Just placed a picture of kitti in Secondlife .. to show you the wonderful possibilities for an artist to explore :)

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  1. Hi Kitti... thanks for stopping by French Lique, Texas and the farm... I love Ireland... before I married Ricky 6-years ago, I thought I might retire there... but now... I'll retire here on the farm with Ricky... he's lived here all his life...

    I love your little cottage and the fact that it's owner has left all her pretty things's good that you honor them and care for them in her absence.

    I'll be back! have a glorious day there in the land of green!

    oh..and PS... Wordless Wednesday gets closed on Mr Linky Wednesday evenings about 9pm central time USA. But a new one will open next Tuesday evening around 8pm... this weeks theme is "bloggers choice".. so you can post any photos that inspire you... but don't forget to keep it wordless... ;) hope you'll join me next week!
    blessings. Dixie